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If you need sterngear for a new build or to replace an old setup, give us a call.  We can calculate the ideal propeller
for your installation and supply you with a complete sterngear package.
ADVANTAGES: NO greaser, NO Flexible coupling, NO split pin, ONE weld, NO leaks, installation costs slashed
with ease of installation.
Kits include:  Weld in tube, bearing, inboard gland, water lubricating system,
1mtr long prop shaft (including nut, key & lockwasher), R&D ½ coupling & propeller.
Kits for 2 & 3 cylinder engines also include a R&D flexi coupling and support bearing.
The above kits are suitable for steel canal boats.  However, we can also help in the selection and supply of sterngear
for any boat.  If you would like to discuss this further please give us a call on 01270 522000

Sterngear Kits
Cheshire marine duplex prop shaft
Our prop shafts are high quality Duplex 1.4462 stainless steel.  
Compared with AISI 316, our shafts are much harder, have a  
greater tensile strength and are highly corrosion resistant.
Available in 25, 30 or 35mm with a 1:10 taper.  Suitable for replacement
of any metric system.      
Prop shaft seal
Our stern gear assemblies use a water lubricated axial type prop shaft seal.
Made from an oil resistant, low friction self extinguishing rubber, these
neat and compact seals come complete with 2 stainless steel clamps,
a tube of silicone grease and a tool to protect the seals when fitting.
The water feed hose tail is incorporated as well as a cap to allow easy
application of the silicone grease.  This grease is applied occasionally
to lubricate the seals to prevent overheating.  These seals are an ideal
replacement for several other brands.  Call us for more information.
With some information from you, we can calculate the ideal propeller
for your boat.  Our standard propellers are manganese bronze and have
a blade area ratio of 0.52.  Standard taper is 1:10
The information we normally require is horsepower of engine, maximum engine
speed, gearbox reduction ratio, size and weight of boat.
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